Sybil Jason

Child actress of the 1930s

Sybil Jason was born in Cape Town, South Africa on November 23, 1929. At the age of two, she was picking out tunes on the piano, and at age three she was impersonating Maurice Chevalier in public performances. By the time she was five, she was appearing at night clubs in London, singing, dancing, doing impressions and playing piano.

Sybil’s uncle, Harry Jacobson, was the leader of a popular orchestra in London, and it was he that introduced Sybil to the London public. During this time, she performed with his orchestra, appeared on radio and made a number of recordings. At the apex of her London career, she appeared with Frances Day at a concert at the Palace Theater, and stopped the show.

A movie producer at the concert signed her for a part in Barnacle Bill. Irving Asher, in charge of Warner Brothers’ London studio, saw the film, and arranged for Sybil to have a screen test with Warners. Warners signed her, and at the time, she was the only child star at Warner Bros. She was in a total of 11 feature films from 1935-1940. She was also featured in a number of Vitaphone shorts.