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Mary Frances Reynolds (1932 - )
Singer / Dancer / Actress

Leading lady of 1950s and '60s musicals and comedies. Debbie Reynolds was born Mary Frances Reynolds in El Paso, Texas on April 1, 1932. The family moved to Burbank, California around 1940. When Debbie was sixteen years old, she entered the Miss Burbank beauty contest and won the title of "Miss Burbank of 1948." Warner Brothers immediately put her on contract. It was Jack Warner who gave her the name "Debbie."

Warner Bros. gave her two small parts then dropped her. MGM picked her up. By this time, Debbie was hooked on acting and was determined to give it her best shot. MGM spotlighted her singing "I Want to Be Loved By You" (lip-syncing to Helen Kane's voice) with Carlton Carpenter in Three Little Words, and the movie-going public loved it. She was immediately cast with Jane Powell in "Two Weeks with Love," and her career was off and running.

Debbie married Eddie Fisher in 1955, and gave birth to Carrie Frances Fisher (now of Star Wars fame) in 1956. She also gave birth to a son, Todd, in 1958. She and Eddie Fisher divorced in 1959. She was remarried to Harry Karl in 1960. During the 1960s, Debbie's career began slipping, but she kept at it, working night clubs and television as well. In recent years, Debbie has regained a following in new films. Her career now spans 50 years, and she's still going strong!

Original MGM publicity photo
for Tammy and the Bachelor, 1958

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Complete Filmography:

Rugrats in Paris - The Movie [Lulu Pickles], Nickelodeon Movies et. al., 2000
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas [Voice of Debbie Reynolds], Rhino Films, 1998
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie [Mrs. Claus], Goodtimes/Tundra, 1998
In & Out [Berniece Brackett], Paramount / Rudin / Spelling, 1997
Wedding Bell Blues [Herself], Bergman Lustig Productions, 1997
Mother, [Beatrice Henderson], Paramount, 1996
That's Entertainment! III, [Co-Hostess], MGM, 1994
Heaven and Earth, [Eugenia], Warner, 1993
The Bodyguard, [Herself], Warner, 1992
That's Entertainment, [Co-Hostess], MGM, 1974
Charlotte's Web, [voice of Charlotte], Hanna-Barbera, 1972
What's the Matter with Helen?, [Adelle Bruckner], UA, 1971
How Sweet It Is, [Jenny Henderson], 1968
Divorce American Style, [Barbara Harmon], Columbia, 1967
The Singing Nun, [Sister Ann], MGM, 1966
Goodbye Charlie, [Charlie Sorel, the woman], Fox, 1964
The Unsinkable Molly Brown, (AAN), [Molly Brown], MGM, 1964
Mary Mary, [Mary McKellaway], Warner, 1963
My Six Loves, [Janice Courtney], Paramount, 1963
How the West Was Won, [Lillith Prescott], MGM, 1962
The Second Time Around, [Lucretia Rogers], Fox, 1961
The Pleasure of His Company, [Jessica Poole], Paramount, 1961
Pepe, [Cameo], Columbia, 1960
The Rat Race, [Peggy Brown], Paramount, 1960
The Gazebo, [Nell Nash], MGM, 1959
It Started with a Kiss, [Maggie], MGM, 1959
Say One for Me, [Holly], Fox, 1959
The Mating Game, [Mariette Larkin], MGM, 1959
This Happy Feeling, [Janet Blake], Universal, 1958
Tammy and the Bachelor, [Tammy Tyree], Universal, 1957
Meet Me in Las Vegas, [Guest], MGM, 1956
Bundle of Joy, [Polly Parrish], RKO, 1956
The Catered Affair, [Jane Hurley], MGM, 1956
The Tender Trap, [Julie Gillis], MGM, 1955
Hit the Deck, [Carol Pace], MGM, 1955
Athena, [Minerva], MGM, 1954
Susan Slept Here, [Susan], RKO, 1954
I Love Melvin, [Judy LeRoy], MGM, 1953
The Affairs of Dobie Gillis, [Pansy Hammer], MGM, 1953
Give a Girl a Break, [Suzy Doolittle], MGM, 1953
Skirts Ahoy, [Herself], MGM, 1952
Singin' in the Rain, [Kathy Selden], MGM, 1952
Mr. Imperium, [Gwen], MGM, 1951
Two Weeks with Love, [Melba Robinson], MGM, 1950
Three Little Words, [Helen Kane], MGM, 1950
The Daughter of Rosie O'Grady, [Maureen O'Grady], Warners, 1950
June Bride, [Boo's Girlfriend], Warner, 1948

Series Regular:
The Debbie Reynolds Show [Debbie Thompson], sitcom, NBC, Tues.8:00-8:30, Sep.69-Sep.70
Aloha Paradise [Sydney Chase], sitcom, ABC, Wed.9:00-10:00, Feb.81-Apr.81
Made for TV Movies:
Perry Mason: The Case of the Musical Murder, 1989
Sadie and Son, 1987

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William Morrow & Co, NY, 1988
ISBN: 0-688-06633-X
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Tammy and the Bachelor / Tammy Tell Me True / Tammy and the Doctor (Triple Feature)

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Debbie Reynolds Scrapbook

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