Palmy Days

  • Goldwyn / UA, 1931, B/W, 80 minutes, ***
  • Premiere release September, 1931
  • General release October, 1931

Stage and screen star Cantor gets mixed up with a group of phony fortune-tellers in this breezy early musical, in which he warbles the immortal “My Baby Said Yes, Yes”. Dance routines are choreographed by the legendary Busby Berkeley. A funny story, though mostly a big ribbon around a lot of beautiful girls and great music. Fun movie.


  • Produced by: Samuel Goldwyn
  • Directed by: Edward Sutherland
  • Story and Dialogue by: Eddie Cantor, Morrie Ryskind and David Freedman
  • Continuity by: Keene Thompson
  • Musical Direction by: Alfred Newman
  • Music by: Con Conrad and Harry Akst
  • Dances and Ensembles by: Busby Berkeley
  • Settings by: Richard Day and Willy Pogany
  • Costumes Designed by: Alice O’Neill
  • Sound Technician: Vinton Vernon
  • Photography by: Gregg Toland
  • Film Edited by: Sherman Todd


  • Charlotte Greenwood [Helen Martin]
  • Barbara Weeks [Joan Clark]
  • Spencer Charters [A. B. Clark]
  • Paul Page [Steve Clayton]
  • Charles Middleton [Yolanda]
  • George Raft [Joe the Frog]
  • Harry Woods [Plug Moynihan]
  • and Eddie Cantor [Eddie Simpson]
  • Additional Cast: Loretta Andrews
  • Edna Callaghan
  • Nadine Dore
  • Ruth Eddings
  • Betty Grable
  • Amo Ingraham
  • Jean Lenivick
  • Betty Lorraine
  • Neva Lynn
  • Nancy Nash
  • Fay Pierre
  • Nita Pike
  • Hylah Slocum
  • Betty Stockton
  • Hazel Witter [The Goldwyn Girls]

Musical Program

  • [0:04] Bend Down, Sister (sung and danced by Charlotte Greenwood and Goldwyn Girls in gymnasium)
  • [0:41] There’s Nothing Too Good for My Baby (sung by Eddie Cantor)
  • [1:02] Yes, Yes (My Honey Said Yes, Yes) (sung and danced by Eddie Cantor and Goldwyn Girls)
  • [1:16] Yes, Yes (My Honey Said Yes, Yes) (reprised by Eddie Cantor, Charlotte Greenwood and Preacher)