I Love Melvin

  • MGM, 1953, Color, 76 minutes, ***½
  • Released March, 1953

A favorite of mine, I Love Melvin finds Judy LeRoy (Debbie Reynolds) an aspiring Broadway star. She’s just landed a part in a Broadway college musical… playing the part of the football in a college football game! She meets Melvin Hoover (Donald O’Connor), photographer from “Look” Magazine, and he suggests a photo spread in the magazine might help Judy’s career. He even offers to try to get her on the cover. Lots of laughs in this musical comedy. Musical highlights include Debbie’s “A Lady Loves,” Debbie and Donald’s “Where Did You Learn to Dance?” and Noreen Corcoran’s cute rendition of “Life Has Its Funny Little Ups and Downs.”


  • Produced by: George Wells
  • Directed by: Don Weis
  • Assistant Director: Marvin Stuart
  • Screen Play by: George Wells
  • Additional Dialogue by: Ruth Brooks Flippen
  • Story by: Laslo Vadnay
  • Music Direction: Georgie Stoll
  • Musical Arrangements by: Skip Martin
  • Songs: Lyrics by Mack Gordon, Music by Josef Myrow
  • Dances Staged and Directed by: Robert Alton
  • Art Directors: Cedric Gibbons and Jack Martin Smith, Eddie Imazu
  • Set Decorations: Edwin B. Willis, Jacque Mapes
  • Costumes Designed by: Helen Rose
  • Hair Styles by: Sydney Guilaroff
  • Make-Up Created by: William Tuttle
  • Recording Supervisor: Douglas Shearer
  • Director of Photography: Harold Rosson
  • Special Effects: A. Arnold Gillespie
  • Montage Sequence by: Peter Ballbusch
  • Color by Technicolor
  • Technicolor Color Consultant: Henri Jaffa
  • Color Consultant: Alvord Eiseman
  • Film Editor: Adrienne Fazan


  • Donald O’Connor [Melvin Hoover]
  • Debbie Reynolds [Judy LeRoy]
  • Una Merkel [Mom Schneider]
  • Richard Anderson [Harry Flack]
  • Allyn Joslyn [Pop Schneider]
  • Les Tremayne [Mr. Hennenman]
  • Noreen Corcoran [Clarabelle]
  • Jim Backus [Mergo]
  • Barbara Ruick [Studio Guide]
  • Robert Taylor [Guest Star]

Musical Program

  • [0:00] Overture (played by Orchestra behind titles)
  • [2:00] A Lady Loves (sung and danced by Debbie Reynolds with Men’s Chorus)
  • [0:09] We Have Never Met As of Yet (sung by Debbie Reynolds and Donald O’Connor)
  • [0:15] Saturday Afternoon Before the Game (sung and danced by Chorus)
  • [0:22] Where Did You Learn To Dance? (sung and danced by Debbie Reynolds and Donald O’Connor – fantastic number!)
  • [0:33] Life Has Its Funny Little Ups and Downs (sung by Noreen Corcoran, danced by Noreen and Donald O’Connor on roller skates – really cute!)
  • [0:39] I Wanna Wander (instrumental excerpt danced by Chorus in movie)
  • [0:45] I Wanna Wander (danced by Donald O’Connor)
  • [1:01] Judy’s Dream Sequence: And There You Are (danced by Debbie Reynolds with three Fred Astaires and three Gene Kellys)
  • [1:08] Saturday Afternoon Before the Game (reprised by Orchestra behind montage)