Two Weeks with Love

MGM, 1950
"Kittenish teens Patti (Jane Powell) and Melba (Debbie Reynolds) turn a 1900's family vacation in the Catskills into Two Weeks with Love, "a bright entertainment that may come as a surprise to those who think there is nothing new under the musical sun" (The Hollywood Reporter). Patti is fluttery over a suave older man (Ricardo Montalban) and thinks romance will bloom if her disapproving parents let her wear...a corset! With that longed-for garment, 18-year-old Patti is sure she'll look like a more mature woman. Meanwhile, Melba stalks a local boy (Carleton Carpenter) with lovestruck determination. In a sensational showstopper, Reynolds and Carpenter tear into a version of "Aba Daba Honeymoon," so frisky and charming it became a smash-hit record. Busby Berkeley staged all the numbers, including "Row, Row, Row" and a dream sequence that has corseted Powell wowing Montalban with, of all things, an aria from The Chocolate Soldier. Aba daba what a delight!

[from MGM/UA videotape sleeve]


MGM, 1950, Color, 93min, ***½
Produced by: Jack Cummings, Directed by: Roy Rowland, Screen Play by: John Larkin and Dorothy Kingsley, Based on a story by John Larkin, Director of Photography: Alfred Gilks, A.S.C., Film Editor: Irvine Warburton, Musical Director: George Stoll, Art Directors: Cedric Gibbons and Preston Ames, Set Decorator: Edwin B. Willis, Associate: Richard Pefferle, Special Effects: Warren Newcombe, Women's Costume Design: Helen Rose, Men's Costume Design: Walter Plunkett, Make Up Created by: William Tuttle, Musical Numbers Staged by: Busby Berkeley, Orchestrations: Leo Arnaud, Vocal Arrangements: Saul Chaplin, Color by Technicolor, Technicolor Color Consultants: Henri Jaffa, James Gooch, Recording Supervisor: Douglas Shearer, Hair Styles Designed by: Sydney Guillaroff

Debbie Reynolds and Carleton Carpenter
"Row, Row, Row"
Debbie Reynolds and
Carleton Carpenter

Jane Powell ... Patti Robinson
Ricardo Montalban ... Demi Armendez
Louis Calhern ... Horatio Robinson
Ann Harding ... Katherine Robinson
Phyllis Kirk ... Valerie Stresemann
Carleton Carpenter ... Billy Finlay
Debbie Reynolds ... Melba Robinson
Clinton Sundberg ... Mr. Finlay
Gary Gray ... McCormick Robinson
Tommy Rettig ... Ricky Robinson
Charles Smith ... Eddie Gavin
Lillian Bronson .... Miss Zilly
Everett Glass .... Mr. Hibbs
Mitchell Lewis .... Mr. Schimpf
Melba Meredith .... Mrs. Armendez
Dorothy Neumann .... Miss Pinwhistle
Marjorie Wood .... Mrs. Stresemann
Edward Clark .... Druggist
Ted Eckelberry .... Boy
Betty Farrington .... Customer
Dickie Humphreys .... Boy Partner
Jack Shea .... Lifeguard
Mary Jane Smith .... Girl
Bob Stebbins .... Young Man
Peter M. Thompson .... Boy
Wilson Wood .... Band Leader
George Brandt .... Guest
Lucille Curtis .... Guest
Jack Daley .... Guest
Alice Richey .... Guest
Fred Santley .... Guest

poster art
Poster art

[0:03] A Heart That's Free (Jane Powell)
[0:16] That's How I Need You (Debbie Reynolds, Carleton Carpenter & Boys)
[0:18] Oceana Roll (Jane Powell with the kids)
[0:30] Aba Daba Honeymoon (Debbie Reynolds & Carleton Carpenter)
[0:37] By the Light of the Silvery Moon (Chorus, Calhern & Harding, Kirk & Montalban, Jane Powell)
[1:13] The Corset Sequence: Beautiful Lady (Chorus, danced by Jane Powell); My Hero (from The Chocolate Soldier), (Jane Powell, Danced by Powell & Montalban)
[1:20] Row, Row, Row (Debbie Reynolds and Carleton Carpenter)
[1:27] unidentified instrumental, Jane Powell and Ricardo Montalban dance
(numbers in brackets are time indexes in hours:minutes from beginning of tape)

Debbie Reynolds and Jane Powell are both a lot of fun, but put them together, and it's more than twice the fun! This film is charming entertainment from one end to the other. Highlights include Jane Powell singing "Oceana Roll," and Debbie and Carleton singing "Aba Dabba Honeymoon" and "Row, Row, Row," and of course Jane Powell's Corset Sequence. Powell and Montalban's dance is great, too. Good story-line, good music, and some fine performances by all!

Available on VHS videotape: MGM/UA Home Video M202135 (1990)

Billy runs to the drugstore to tell Patti the star has walked out on
the show and his father wants Patti to do the number with Demi
(Carleton Carpenter and Jane Powell)
from an original MGM publicity still


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