Two Girls and a Sailor

MGM, 1944
"In their first leading roles, June Allyson and Gloria DeHaven are delightfully enchanting as Patsy and Jean Deyo, a singing-dancing sister act. The girls entertain servicemen at their "home canteen" when they are not headlining the New York Club Floriano. But when handsome sailor John Brown (Van Johnson) introduces himself, their dreams really start coming true.

Soon after, a mysterious "somebody" buys the girls an empty warehouse, where they open up the ideal canteen. First-rate performances by Lena Horne, Gracie Allen (performing her "Concerto for Index Finger") and José Iturbi, with musical accompaniment from Harry James' and Xavier Cugat's orchestras, keep the joint jumpin'. And when the sisters find out who their "somebody" is, love is only a heartbeat away.

A special added treat is the appearance of Jimmy Durante as forgotten vaudevillian Billy Kipp, who sings, gags and guffaws his way back into the limelight at the canteen. With music to make you swing and songs to make you sing, this stylish romantic comedy offers a lifetime of entertainment."

[from MGM/UA laser disc sleeve]

MGM, 1943, B/W, 125min, ***½
Produced by: Joe Pasternak
Directed by: Richard Thorpe
Original Screen Play by: Richard Connell and Gladys Lehman
Musical Direction: Georgie Stoll
Vocal Arrangements: Kay Thompson
Dance Direction: Sammy Lee
Director of Photography: Robert Surtees, A.S.C.
Recording Director: Douglas Shearer
Art Director: Cedric Gibbons
Associate: Paul Groesse
Set Decorations: Edwin B. Willis
Associate: John Bonar
Costume Supervision: Irene
Associate: Kay Dean
Film Editor: George Boemler

Gloria DeHaven, Van Johnson and<BR>June Allyson
Gloria DeHaven, Van Johnson and
June Allyson

June Allyson ... Patsy Deyo
Gloria DeHaven ... Jean Deyo
Van Johnson ... John Dyckman Brown III
Tom Drake ... Frank Miller
Henry Stephenson ... John Dyckman Brown I
Henry O'Neill ... John Dyckman Brown II
Ben Blue ... Ben
Carlos Ramirez ... Carlos
Frank Sully ... Private Adams
Albert Coates ... Himself
Donald Meek ... Mr. Nizby
Amparo Novarro ... Herself
Jose Iturbi ... Himself
Jimmy Durante ... Billy Kipp
Gracie Allen ... Herself
Lena Horne ... Herself
Virginia O'Brien ... Herself
The Wilde Twins ... Themselves
Frank Jenks ... Dick Deyo
Joe Yule ... Carpenter (uncredited)
Ava Gardner ... dancer (uncredited)

Gloria DeHaven and June Allyson
Gloria DeHaven and June Allyson

[0:08] Did You Ever Have the Feelin' (Jimmy Durante)
[0:11] Sweet and Lovely (June Allyson & Gloria DeHaven)
[0:12] A Tisket, A Tasket (June Allyson & Gloria DeHaven)
[0:15] Sweet and Lovely (Harry James and His Orchestra)
[0:18] A Love Like Ours (June & Gloria w/Harry James)
[0:20] unidentified Rumba (Xavier Cugat w/Lina Romay)
[0:23] Granada (Carlos Ramirez)
[0:29] My Mother Told Me There'd Be Moments Like This (Gloria DeHaven)
[0:36] Estreillita (Harry James)
[0:51] Take It Easy (Xavier Cugat w/Lina Romay, Wilde Twins and Virginia O'Brien)
[0:58] Ben Blue dance number, with Lina Romay
[1:03] Concerto for Index Finger (Gracie Allen w/Orchestra conducted by Albert Coates)
[1:07] In the Moment of Madness (Helen Forrest w/Harry James and His Orchestra)
[1:16] The Young Man with a Horn (June Allyson w/Harry James and His Orchestra)
(June Allyson and the shy GI do a great Jitterbug during this number!)
[1:42] Babalu (Lina Romay w/Xavier Cugat and His Orchestra)
[1:47] Inka Dinka Doo (Jimmy Durante, who else?)
[1:51] Ritual Firedance (piano duet by Jose Iturbi and his sister Amparo Navarro)
[1:53] Paper Doll (Lena Horne)
[2:02] Fianale medley: A Love Like Ours/The Young Man with a Horn/Inka Dinka Doo/Sweet and Lovely (June Allyson, Gloria DeHaven, Harry James and His Orchestra)
(numbers in brackets are time indexes in hours:minutes from beginning of tape)

This is one of my favorite films from the war years. It has a simple, but charming story-line with lots of great music, and a good sampling of many of the actors, actresses, singers and bands that were popular in movie musicals during that period. June and Gloria are wonderful together, and Jimmy Durante is welcome in any movie, as far as I'm concerned. None of the music is original to this movie, but all of it was popular at the time the movie was made. If you want to see an exemplary movie from that period, this is simply one of the best!

Available on VHS videotape: MGM/UA Home Video M200852 (1990)

Available on laser disc: MGM/UA Home Video ML100852 (1992)


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