High Society

MGM, 1956, Color, 107 minutes, ***½ Released July, 1956 Grace Kelly’s last film was this lively musical remake of “The Philadelphia Story,” with Grace (appropriately) as the Main Line gal who must choose between Bing Crosby and John Lund. Frank Sinatra, Celeste Holm and Louis Armstrong co-star; Cole Porter score … Continue reading “High Society”

Hello, Dolly!

Chenault Productions / 20th Century-Fox, 1969, Color, 148 minutes, ***½ Released December, 1969 Lavish screen adaptation of the beloved Broadway musical stars Barbra Streisand as the turn-of-the-century New York matchmaker who falls for client Walter Matthau. Supporting turns by Michael Crawford and Louis Armstrong, and a score that includes “Before … Continue reading “Hello, Dolly!”

I’m No Angel

Paramount, 1933, B/W, 87 minutes, *** Released October, 1933 Tira (Mae West) is an exotic dancer and lion tamer for Big Bill Barton’s traveling carnival. On the side, she gets a little lovin’ and other more material trinkets from stage door Johnny’s she meets in every town. When she hits … Continue reading “I’m No Angel”

I Love Melvin

MGM, 1953, Color, 76 minutes, ***½ Released March, 1953 A favorite of mine, I Love Melvin finds Judy LeRoy (Debbie Reynolds) an aspiring Broadway star. She’s just landed a part in a Broadway college musical… playing the part of the football in a college football game! She meets Melvin Hoover … Continue reading “I Love Melvin”

The Jungle Book

Walt Disney, 1967, Color, 78 minutes, **** Released October, 1967 Based on Rudyard Kipling’s Mowgli character, the “mancub” raised by wolves in the Indian jungle. As Mowgli grows into manhood he becomes curious about his origins and finds he is drawn to his own kind. His friend Baloo reluctantly agrees … Continue reading “The Jungle Book”