Baby Take a Bow

  • 20th Century-Fox, 1934, B/W, 73 minutes, ***
  • Released June, 1934

One of Shirley’s earliest vehicles at 20th Century-Fox. James Dunn plays an ex-con who’s having a hard time staying out of trouble on the outside, even though he’s gone straight. Claire Trevor plays his wife, and Shirley Temple plays his daughter. Trouble begins when an old acquaintance steals a pearl necklace from Dunn’s employer and gives it to Shirley to hide. Of course, if the cops find the necklace in Dunn’s possession, it’ll be back to the big house! Shirley and Dunn do a cute number on the tenement roof: “On Accounts I Love You.”


  • Producer: John Stone
  • Directed by: Harry Lachman
  • Screenplay: Philip Klein and E. E. Paramore, Jr.
  • Based on a play by James P. Judge
  • Musical Director: Samuel Kaylin
  • Music and Lyrics: Bud Green and Sam H. Stept
  • Dance Direction: Sammy Lee
  • Settings: Duncan Cramer
  • Gowns: Royer
  • Sound: George Leverett
  • Photography: L. W. O’Connell


  • Shirley Temple [Shirley]
  • James Dunn [Eddie Ellison]
  • Claire Trevor [Kay Ellison]
  • Alan Dinehart [Welch]
  • Ray Walker [Larry Scott]
  • Dorothy Libaire [Jane]
  • Ralf Harolde [Trigger Stone]
  • James Flavin [Flannigan]
  • Richard Tucker [Mr. Carson]
  • Olive Tell [Mrs. Carson]
  • Additional Cast: John Alexander [Rag Picker]
  • Mary Gordon [Mrs. O’Brien]
  • Lillian Stuart [Anna]
  • Howard C. Hickman [Blair]
  • Paul McVey [Daniels]
  • Guy Usher [Detective Captain McLean]
  • Eddie Hart [Detective sergeant]
  • Bud Geary [Police Detective]
  • Samuel S. Hinds [Warden]

Musical Program

  • [0:17] Rock-a-Bye Baby (sung by James Dunn to Shirley Temple)
  • [0:34] Happy Birthday to You (sung by guests at Shirley’s birthday party)
  • [0:36] On Accounts I Love You (sung and danced by Shirley Temple and James Dunn)